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This show is your show! That’s right! Your show.

That’s why we will strive to bring relevant, topical information to listeners who span a wide audience spectrum. Most of what we’ll bring to this show will be “stuff” the average listener will enjoy hearing, where they’ll learn about tourism and the various components that support this vitally important national industry.

U.S. Travel Association estimates that “travel-dependent leisure and hospitality is the largest small-business employer in the United States,” and that 1 in 10 of American jobs in the private sector is supported by travel. In short, that’s a lot of people, and it’s likely someone in your family, including extended, works in this industry!

Our goal with the show is to cover a lot of ground, especially as the national economy finds ways to recover from shutdown to full prosperity. We’ll get into tourism sustainability, destination management, shifting trends in commerce, advancing technological issues driving travel decisions, consumer attitudes, employment and executive recruiters, and more.

If you have a compelling story to share, then we want to hear from you! Please shoot us an email with some details. If we haven’t recently covered a similar topic, we’ll get back to you to learn more. You could be one of our next Guests!

As we’ve heard all too often since the virus hit, “We’re all in this, together.” What’s helping businesses all throughout this country is the support they’ve received from others who have found innovative ways to address specific challenges relative to their unique situation. Your story could make a difference to others.

Let’s hear what you’ve got!