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Hearing from listeners is best form of flattery, and here’s why.

You may have listened to a recent Guest and mumbled to yourself, “I would have asked her …,” and then the show moves on to another segment. We’ve all had that moment, right? Well, maybe it wasn’t just a question for someone on the show; rather, it might be a suggestion for an upcoming show!

Perhaps you’ve also said to yourself, “You know who they ought a have?” and then your thought trails off. That’s when we want to hear from you.

That’s right, we want to hear from you!

Take a moment and tell us what you would like to hear in future programming. We make every effort to keep the topics different from week-to-week, but that doesn’t preclude us from revisiting an issue down the road. We’ll research your idea, and find the expert. If you know someone we should invite, let us know; we’re all ears!

So, share your idea. If we’re intrigued, we’ll call you to learn more. Then, if a show is produced with a Guest who can provide the listening content on that issue, we’ll send to you a Destinations t-shirt!

If you’ve got an idea, let’s hear it. Keyboard now and email us!