Destinations Finding Added Value With Cycling

Guest Host: Mike Dion
Airdate: 03/07/01

Mike Dion, executive producer of Ride the Divide and, Inspired to Ride, gives a shout-out for Lambertville, New Jersey and Emporia, Kansas as two destinations where cycling is fun, discloses what he likes best – film making or cycling, and reveals what’s ahead for the 10th anniversary re-launch of Ride the Divide!  Professional cyclist, Andrea Dvorak, and League Director for NICA Virginia Interscholastic Cycling League, shares why she believes the pandemic has been a tremendous boost to cycling of all ages. Fayetteville, Arkansas was recently recognized as the country’s first “Bike City” by the Union CyclIste Internationale (UCI), and Molly Rawn, CEO of Experience Fayetteville, provides some insights for destinations that aspire to become cycling destinations. Tripadvisor’s Steve Paganelli explains how DMOs can increase their real-time intelligence gathering through the Tourism Sentiment Index, with some added commentary on its “crisis module.” DMOs can learn plenty from recent findings by Destination Analysts’ about Spring Break 2021; Dave Bratton literally jumps off his bike to take this interview and shares what’s possibly different this year compared to 2020 with the onset of the pandemic.

Kurt Burkhart likes Peter Lane Taylor’s recent story, “The Top Ten Best Places in America to Travel Right Now and Avoid the Pandemic.” He applauds efforts by California lawmakers to get immediate funding for Visit California; and, gives thumbs up to Kings Dominion as it ramps up seasonal hiring in advance of the 2021 Grand Opening on May 22.