DMOs That Can Add, Could Start With TEN

Guest Host: Terry Selk
Airdate: 01/28/01

Terry Selk, tourism and destination marketing veteran and, founder of the Tourism Expert Network (TEN), explains the concept of TEN, how Destination Marketing Organizations can engage with TEN, the professionals who are behind a growing enterprise, and why he believes TEN is poised to become an international powerhouse in the coming years. Simpleview’s Ryan George sees bright horizons for leisure and group business, and while tepid on business travel, looks forward to when he can get back out there meeting client with a handshake and dinner! Estrada Insights’ Esra Calvert discusses how the fast pace of technology-driven apps will further define the duality of travel. Dave Bratton is upbeat with across-the-board positive indicators from Destination Analysts’ weekly survey of traveler sentiments. Roy Van Doorn, Charlottesville chapter president of the Virginia Restaurant, Lodging and Travel Association, discusses how several local hotels in Charlottesville are working with the University of Virginia to provide additional quarantine facilities for students.

Kurt Burkhart tells how you can still be a kid again, with a liquor license, by becoming the winning bidder for New Jersey’s Clementon Park; he extends kudos to the Republic of South Africa for a newly created tourism investment fund; and, applauds Restaurant Week activities across the country.

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