Does WCHV own Destinations. Passport to travel & hospitality, as part of its regular programming lineup? No. Destination Strategies Group, LLC has entered into a programming agreement with Monticello Media/WCHV to produce and host this one-hour weekly show that airs on Sundays at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time. All show content is owned and copyrighted by Destination Strategies Group, LLC.

Is this show carried “live” for listeners? Not presently. Due to COVID-19 and the many restrictions in place for the on-site safety and health concerns for WCHV employees, the show is pre-recorded, off-site. However, the show is edited, produced and broadcasts from the WCHV studio in Charlottesville, Virginia.

What about show syndication? Are other stations carrying the show? While there have been early discussions about syndication, it’s a bit too early to do so. Syndication is a significant step-up. However, we have those connections already in place for when it’s time to take that next step!

Is it possible to have the show do a remote broadcast from a national, state, or regional tourism conference or convention? Absolutely! The host welcomes the opportunity to be onsite to capture interviews for “next week”¬Ě programming following your event. Another thought! Plan ahead and consider adding the host to your list of future speakers for your breakfast or lunch group setting.

In addition to producing and hosting the show, what else does Destination Strategies Group, LLC do? Great question! Destination Strategies Group, LLC is a consultancy that focuses on Destination Marketing Organizations & Convention and Visitor Bureaus, providing research-based, data-driven practical solutions to maximize organizational efficiencies. Beyond producing and hosting Destinations. Passport to travel & hospitality, other services include; meeting facilitation, organizational assessment, speaking engagements, and strategic planning. Destination Strategies Group, LLC, while based in Charlottesville, Virginia, responds to invitations nationwide.

Lastly, the pictures on this site really convey the theme. Who are the photographers? All pictures were accessed, without charge, from pexels.com. As artists, it’s important to give credit for their talent! Home page – Leah Kelly, Listen! – Moshi Syed, Reach Out – Marius Ventor, News Tips – Anna Svets, Contact Us – Ekaterina Bolovtsova.

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