Hospitality Industry Forecast Sees Healthy Recovery Ahead Amid Lingering Challenges

Guest Host: Robert Rauch
Airdate: 06/06/01

Bob Rauch, the “Hotel Guru” and CEO of RAR Hospitality discusses what’s ahead for the lodging industry in 2021, barriers to the current employment dilemma, hotel consolidation and growth moving forward, and “patron patience.”  Russ Cronberg, General Manager at the Boar’s Head Resort reflects on shared industry experiences in Charlottesville over the Memorial Day holiday weekend, and his thoughts about Virginia’s lodging industry through 2021.  Esra Calvert at Zartico reveals new data points year-over-year and how all are pointing to a healthy recovery.  Dave Bratton shares what Destination Analysts’ learned in their latest findings of travelers, especially those wanting to attend events.

Kurt Burkhart lends a few tips for using your smartphone to detect hidden cameras in your hotel room, invites travelers to visit West Virginia’s Largest Yard Sale on August 6-7, and congratulates Gretchen Hall, president & CEO of the Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau on being selected the incoming Chair for Destinations International.