How Politics & Social Issues Are Shaping Perceptions For Destinations and Visitors

Guest Host: Carl Ribaudo
Airdate: 05/24/01

Carl Ribaudo (SMG Consulting) and Lauren Schlau (Lauren Schlau Consulting) talk about their joint venture, Travel Analytics Group, and the ground-breaking study that reveals how political and social issues are shaping destinations and impacts on visitation. Roy Van Doorn, Charlottesville chapter president of the Virginia Restaurant, Lodging & Travel Association, shares his thoughts about Charlottesville tourism in the midst of political and social change. Simpleview’s Ryan George gives his thoughts on what it means for businesses as they start welcoming back employees to the workplace; and, Dave Bratton shares Destination Analysts’ latest survey of travelers.

Kurt Burkhart highlights a recent letter from US Travel’s Roger Dow and two dozen highly influential leaders in hospitality & travel to President Biden urging the resumption of international travel to the US.  He applauds Universal Orlando’s initiative that will provide much-needed affordable housing in Orlando.  And, Kurt shares some great giveaways being offered by Visit Music City