Convention Centers Face Opportunity & Challenge

Guest Host: Charles Johnson
Airdate: 04/25/01

Charlie Johnson, President & CEO of Johnson Consulting shares his thoughts on many key aspects of convention centers, how the pandemic has changed the face of future designs & operational functions, financing, and the markets where this industry is likely to rebound first.  Roy Van Doorn, Charlottesville chapter president of the Virginia Restaurant, Lodging & Travel Association gives an update on what’s happened with the convention center feasibility study from 2018 for the Charlottesville area, and applauds lodging data for March.  Bob Rauch, the “Hotel Guru” marvels at the incredible transformation in Oceanside, California, with 3 new resort hotels soon to open.  Destination Analysts, Dave Bratton believes we’re headed into very positive territory based on the latest traveler sentiments. 

Kurt Burkhart likes the Travel Massive Talent Directory, muses over missing out on the April 20 contest from, and wishes he had pictures of Mexico so he could enter Visit Mexico’s contest for free travel for a year!