Mike Dion

Mike Dion is an award-winning filmmaker and television producer. After stints at Starz Entertainment, The Hallmark Channel, and crew positions on Hollywood films Dante’s Peak, A River Runs Through It, and Far and Away, he has been focusing on producing inspirational feature-length documentaries that have been distributed globally via Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, theatrical, and television.

Notable projects: Bikepacking Secrets (2016), Hair I Go Again (2016), Inspired to Ride (2015), Reveal The Path (2012), Where The Yellowstone Goes (2012), Ride the Divide (2010)

In 2021, Mike will be releasing RTD10 – Ride the Divide’s 10 Year Anniversary Special Edition, a new version of the award-winning film with never before seen footage. Mike is also in development with founding a media channel specifically for Bikepackers that will be a kind of Netflix for adventure cyclists.