Network2Work Provides Job Seekers With Opportunities, Now A Model Program Eyed By Localities Nationwide

Guest Host: Frank Squillace
Airdate: 08/11/01

Frank Squillace, Director of Network2Work@PVCC, details how this non-profit has helped overcome the current conundrum for employers and job seekers, what employers need to do to address the new employment paradigm, and why localities across the country are eye-balling this organization as a model for achieving the same level of success. Ben Ellsworth of GigPro shares expansion plans to Raleigh/Durham, Savannah, Asheville, Jacksonville, Orlando, New Orleans, Austin and Louisville, which is “at a ridiculous pace, right now!” Brian Applegarth of Cultivar Strategies and founder of the Cannabis Travel Association International explains how Modesto, California successfully achieved the nation’s first citywide Cannabis promotional program. Esra Calvert at Zartico enlightens listeners to the real power small DMOs possess as community connectors. And, Dave Bratton at Destination Analysts provides the latest traveler sentiments, and shares what he believes is the silver lining at this stage of the pandemic.

Kurt Burkhart says Canada will now allow fully vaccinated US citizens and permanent residents entry into that country, but with some caveats per the Canadian government, invites listeners to enter the Motorcraft Tailgate Sweepstakes for a trip to attend the NASCAR Championship Race at the Phoenix Raceway, and says visitors to the Boston-Cambridge area who stay at hotels could see an additional 1.5% surcharge (assessment) added to their folio later this year if a tourism destination marketing district is soon approved.