News Tips

We read a lot of news! That’s how we sometimes decide who we want to call and invite to be our Guest on the show. But there’s a lot of great news that goes under the radar, and that’s why we would like to hear from you!

If you have something that’s happened in your community, specific to travel and hospitality, please … Don’t sit on it, send it! Yes, tell us. We want to know, and so will listeners to the show!

We want to know everything … from the zany to the brilliant.

While the show has seasoned professionals and industry thought leaders providing a huge amount of the listening content, there always needs to be time to take a break, add some levity, and share what’s happened in the hidden byways, alleys, small towns, and urban America.

Let us know what you know by sending your email with a brief summary. If you want attribution, tell us, and we’ll gladly give it. Otherwise, consider all News Tips to originate from “The Travel Zone.”