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Join us Sunday, March 7 @ 11:00 a.m. EST, as Mike Dion, executive producer of Ride the Divide and, Inspired to Ride, will identify several communities across the United States that have become cycling destinations, what it takes to become a cycling destination, and reveals what’s ahead for the 10th anniversary re-launch of Ride the Divide! Andrea Dvorak, League Director for NICA Virginia Interscholastic Cycling League, and professional cyclist, shares why she believes the pandemic has been a tremendous boost to cycling of all ages. Fayetteville, Arkansas was recently recognized as the country’s first “Bike City” by the Union CyclIste Internationale (UCI), and Molly Rawn, CEO of Experience Fayetteville, will provide some insights for destinations that aspire to become cycling destinations. Destination Analysts’ Dave Bratton will provide a weekly temperature read for traveler sentiments.

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Mike Dion

Mike Dion is an award-winning filmmaker and television producer. After stints at Starz Entertainment, The Hallmark Channel, and crew positions on Hollywood films Dante’s Peak, A River Runs Through It, and Far and Away, he has been focusing on producing inspirational feature-length documentaries that have been distributed globally via Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, theatrical, and television.

Notable projects: Bikepacking Secrets (2016), Hair I Go Again (2016), Inspired to Ride (2015), Reveal The Path (2012), Where The Yellowstone Goes (2012), Ride the Divide (2010)

In 2021, Mike will be releasing RTD10 – Ride the Divide’s 10 Year Anniversary Special Edition, a new version of the award-winning film with never before seen footage. Mike is also in development with founding a media channel specifically for Bikepackers that will be a kind of Netflix for adventure cyclists.