The Host

After more than 25 years as a destination marketing professional, with experiences in the Northern Mariana Islands, Arizona, California and Virginia, Kurt Burkhart has settled into his niche as founder & managing consultant of Destination Strategies Group, LLC, which hosts and produces, Destinations. Passport to travel & hospitality.

WCHV station manager and morning talk show host, Joe Thomas, said, “It is with great excitement that we welcome ‘Destinations’ to the WCHV weekend lineup!” Thomas adds, “We are fortunate to have someone with Kurt’s knowledge, experience and reach into an industry that is so vitally important to our community and to many other communities throughout the country.”

Monticello Media and Destination Strategies Group, LLC announced through a joint media release in November 2020 the launch of Destinations. Passport to travel & hospitality.

As the show’s host, Burkhart has opened the door for a national audience that will listen to and, engage on issues facing tourism through travel and hospitality.

“Over the years, I’ve listened to lots of podcasts, Internet talk radio, and watched even more YouTube videos in which many facets of tourism have been presented. All have been extremely interesting and informative. However, what I found missing was a broadcast talk-radio show that covers multiple topics of interest, is supported by show sponsors, and provides a learning opportunity for communities across this country.”